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About ergonomics for children

Humanics Ergonomics

Ergonomics for Children

About the book (2008)  |  Order  |  Credit  |  Photos


Anthropometrics  |  Products  |  Places  |  Schoolchild  |  School laws  |  Noise

Development  |  Safety  |  Cars  |  Pediatrics  |  Disabled  |  Farms  |  Laws  |  Media

Looking back: Children, ergonomics & standards  |  download pdf  (Lueder, 2010)

If you have trouble opening a file, try right-mouse clicking the link and save the file to your desktop.

Anthropometrics: child body size data

      Child Anthropometrics (U. Michigan)

itl.nist.gov  |  Download csv  |  Data

Revisiting CPSC’s child anthropometry

Anthrokids courtesy of Don Chaffin

US child strength product design 1975 (12MB pdf)

DTI child & adult strength
    Nottingham Occupational Ergonomics

Strength report  |  Follow up I, II and  III
©2003 Berr (formerly DTI.uk.gov)

Anthropometrics:  Nations

Belgian children  |  Background

Flemish children: size & growth

About Flemish Growth Charts (26K pdf)
16K Flemish children aged 2 to 20 years

Child development design  |  pdf  Steenbekkers 1993
Range of dim., Netherlands children 2-13 years
Also anthro. Netherlands infants to 1.5 years
More projects  |  Search Thanks to Prof. Molenbroek

      Centers for Disease Control

CDC child growth charts  |  pdf

Children’s dimensions by age  |  pdf

Calculate child growth percentiles

Children & BMI
      Body Mass Index

Children & Body Mass Index (BMI)

Child BMI tools  |  BMI Calculators

Children’s BMI  |  School measurement

Why BMI accuracy matters (Wash State)

Child BMI & heart disease  |  Download pdf

Child reach and access

ADA Access board guidelines


Child and adolescent obesity  |  Facts


CybErg 2005 papers
Guidelines for computer use (Straker et al)

CybErg 2002 papers
Anthro school data (Froufe, Ferreira & Rebello)

CybErg 1999 papers
Cultural aspects in education (Alves & Fialho)

Other anthropometrics

Anthropometrics for adults  and  disabled

Child product design ergonomics

Child injury databases

Nat’l Injury Surveillance database (NEISS)

Search NEISS  |  Coding manual

Finger injuries & paper shredders
Sample product evaluation from NEISS data

Home & leisure accident statistics database
ROSPA, the Royal Soc. Prevention Accidents

     Consumer Product Safety Commission

cpsc.gov  |  FOIA  |  Search

Playgrounds  |  Toys by age  |  Child-proofing

CPSC Voluntary Guidelines  |  Portable Pools

     Royal Soc. Prevention Accidents


Consumer Reports


Consumer Reports on babies & kids
Subscriber site with free child content

National Safe Kids Campaign



Toy safety  |  Playground safety


Children vs. adults  |  Children & computers

Children & adult handwriting   Cindy Burt, OTR

More child product standards

European standards: Toy Safety

Overview  |  National standards (Europe)

Children, ergonomics & standards  |  pdf  (Lueder, 2010)

Ergonomics for children research

Why so little ergonomics data on infants & toddlers?

Ergonomics for children

About the 2008 book   (Table of contents)

Designing ergonomic child places

ErgoExpo workshop handouts

Child ergonomics  |  Slides  (Lueder & Burt)

        Dept. Trade & Industry
                    ©2003 Crown

ROSPA  |  Home  |  Sleepwear  |  Warning

Drowning  |  Drown  |  Burns  |  Poison  |  Mouthing

Home  |  Kitchen  |  Bath  |  Garden  |  Pond

Delft University   |   Search

Belgian children

Flemish children: size & growth

About Flemish Growth Charts (26K pdf)
16,096 Flemish children aged 2 to 20 years

Home appliances  |  171 MB pdf  Freudenthal 1999

More Delft projects & publications
Thanks to Prof. Johan Molenbroek

Colorado State
      Consumer connections

Child safety at home

Child spaces  |  Poison prevention

Univ. No. Iowa on Playground Safety


Buildings & facilities for children

Texas Standard: Usable child places

ADA Guidelines:  Buildings & facilities

Access Board: Buildings for children

City of New York

Preventing window falls  |  Window guards

Cities for children

Design of child-friendly cities

Cities for children  |  Neighborhoods for children (book)

Int’l Assoc. People Environment

Children and public spaces (articles)

Ergonomics for schoolchildren

Children & Educational Environments

Ergonomics for Children and Educational Env (ECEE)
a Technical Committee of the IEA

Handwriting and schoolchildren

Handwriting in children  from  childsupport.in

Backpacks and schoolchildren

Backpack exercise  |  slideshow  |  paper  |  handouts
An educational exercise for children, faculty & parents
Courtesy of V. Rice, C. DeVilbiss & C. Bazley

DesignShare:  Learning environments


Hanover German School
     German Federation of Labor


Children & motion  |  Active school furniture

CABE: UK Commission Built Environment

cabe.org.uk  |  Cabe.org.uk

CU Child Ergo (Dr. Alan Hedge, Cornell)

ergo.human.cornell.edu  |  Research

CybErg Cyber Conference

child ergonomics  (CybErg 2002)

Classroom acoustics / noise

ADA & hearing-impaired children

ASA classroom acoustics  |  List-serve

New design standard disabled children

World Health Org Guidelines  |  Follow-up

Classroom Acoustics Coalition  |  book

Classroom Acoustics  (Siebein & Ermann) pdf

Designshare (Maxwell & Evans)

Classroom acoustics  |  Acoustics initiative

Healthy Schools


Kids: How children can participate

National ClearingHouse
           of Educational Facilities (NCEF)

edfacilities.org  |  Search

Research  |  School design  |  Furniture

Montessori schooling

Montessori schools: Maria Montessori book

Utah State Education

Keyboard practices  (Nadine Bunnell)

Journal:  The Future of Children


NPR Audio
      National Public Radio

KidsCount  |  Child museums

Backpacks  |  Trucks  |  Seatbelts

Computers  |  Cameras  |  Dirt is Good

Urban & child health  |  Children & toxins

US Dept. of Education (Search)

ed.gov  |  Early childhood learning  |  Site

BBC’s Int’l News: Education

news.bbc.co.uk on education

Child Backpain (U. Surrey UK)

eihms.surrey.ac.uk  |  download  (90K pdf)

Searching for kids

Search tools for KIDS

Yahoo Kids  |  Ask Jeeves Kids  |  Google Kids

Ergonomics & laws for schoolchildren

International standards for preschools

S. Kamerman’s US Senate testimony, 2001

California Assembly Bill AB 2532

Schoolchild textbook weight  |  htm

Concurrent resolution (Dymally)  |  History

New Jersey:  Ergonomics in Education

NJ Assembly Bill 545  |  AB 3524  – pdf
Ergonomics in Education Study Commission

Children and the law

American Bar Association

Children’s development

National Academies Press
      View books online

www.nap.edu  |  Shelves

Middle childhood: 6 to 12

Early Childhood Development (2001)

Neurons to Neighborhood (2000)

Child safety & health

CPSC’s "Kid" section

CPSC’s  section for kids

National Eye Institute of the NIH

nei.nih.gov  |  Children

Resources  |  Press  |  Images

Nat’l Child Care Info Center

www.nccic.acf.hhs.gov  |  Search library  |  terms

Pediatricians on the web


      American Academy of Pediatrics

aap.org  |  Tips

Car safety  |  TV  |  Publications

European Child Standards & Alliances

childsafetyeurope.org  |  ecosa.org

U. Michigan Health

Adolescent & child health topics

Canadian Safety Council

Child safety section

Oklahoma State Env. Health & Safety

Child safety section

More child health & safety

ChildStats on child well-being indicators

CDC Childhood injuries  |  A – Z

HFES Safety TG: Children  |  Children & lead

NIOSH: Young worker safety   |   Youth at work

Child safety worldwide

Safe Kids Worldwide


      World Health Organization

who.int  |  Topics  |  Child health

Child development  |  WHO pdf

World Health Organization env. health

Health, growth & development

Anthropometric risk criteria from  NAP

Anthropometrics & health  from  SA Health

The World Bank Library

Topics  |  Search  |  Children

Assorted, related

Child & family safety device by country

Child passenger & pedestrian safety

NHTSA Child Passenger Safety

nhtsa.dot.gov  |  Child safety seat ratings

Ctrs Disease Control  Child passengers


New York City Traffic: Kids


Child pedestrian safety

Int’l road traffic & accident database

Child pedestrian spacesNCIP    pdf

Hybrid cars & pedestrian safetypdf

Child pedestrian safety  IP Online Journal

Pediatric medicine & health

Centers for Disease Control

Child health  |  Disease  |  Healthy kids

      Medical Manuals

Merck Medical Manual  |  Pediatrics

Merck Home  |  Child Health  |  Index

National Library, Medline Plus (children)


      Free journals on children

Pubmed list  |  bmj.com

BMC list  |  BMC Family  |  BMC Pediatrics

Children’s postures

Alternative postures  |  Backpack loads

Children & disabilities

Books by David Werner

Disabled Village Children  |  Nothing about Us

Playgrounds for all children  |  Children help children
HealthWrights accommodating developing villages


Developmental disabilities  |  Research  |  About

World Health Organization

Int’l classification function, disability & health
for Children and Youth (ICF-CY) from the WHO

Based on Int’l Classification function & disabilities

Adolescents working on farms

Centers for Disease Control
                    Children & farms

NIOSH tool analyzes risk farm children

cdc.gov/niosh/childag  |  Nat’l AG Database

North American Guidelines
                   Children & farms

www.nagcat.org  |  Farm tasks  |  Ages

Safe play  |  Checklist from Marshfield Clinic

NAGCAT Resources

Child farm injury prevent  safekidscanada.ca

©Penn State Agricultural Sciences

Children & safety on farms

Assorted, related

Parental knowledge & tractor work

Farm Accidents

Youth farm injuries US (1998)  NIOSH 2001-154

Children & the law

NOLO Law (Children)


American Bar Assoc (Family law, by state)


Children and media

Children Now
  (Children & media)


Children & advertising

Laws in Europe  |  Also

Children and marketing (pdf)

While other nations institute protections
US children routinely fed propaganda
For example  |  more child  -  advertising

When are they ready for violent news?

Assorted, related

TV & Attention Deficit Disorder

Video games & violence (190K pdf)
from the Nat’l Institute Media & Family

Related ergonomics resources

Office ergonomics, etc.


Human Factors & Ergonomics


Medical, health & wellness


Ergonomics & design disabled


Design of built environments


Science & engineering


Legal, expert witness & forensics



Ergonomics for children:  products & places for toddlers to teens  (2008 book)

Child anthropometrics  |  Products  |  Schools  |  Schoolchild laws  |  Development

Health & Safety  |  Passenger  |  Pediatrics  |  Disabilities  |  Farms  |  Legal  |  Media

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